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Webinar Date: Thursday, 9/14 at 11:30am CST

Preserving Student Voice in the Age of AI-Assisted Learning: Unveiling Packback's Writing Lab

Join us for an exciting deep-dive into the future of AI-assisted learning as we unveil Packback's groundbreaking new tool, Writing Lab. Our Chief Product Officer, Jessica Tenuta, and Chief Technology Officer, Craig Booth, will guide you through a live demonstration, showcasing how Writing Lab transcends traditional boundaries in the realm of educational technology.

Writing Lab is an innovative AI-powered writing tutor designed to meet every learner's unique needs, across any class or assignment. This webinar will explore how the tool enables instant, personalized feedback, and furthers our commitment to Benjamin Bloom's 2 sigma problem - the quest to provide one-on-one tutoring at scale.

But at the heart of our tool, and the focus of this webinar, is the preservation of the individual learner's voice. In an era where technology often overpowers authenticity, Writing Lab stands as an exception. This tool aids students in honing their writing skills, without compromising their unique expression, or critical thinking.

Join us to learn more about how Writing Lab represents our commitment to enhancing the educational landscape, making writing and learning more delightful than ever before.

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Jessica Tenuta
Chief Product Officer, Packback


Craig Booth
Chief Technology Officer, Packback

Kelsey headshot

Kelsey Behringer
Chief Executive Officer, Packback