Webinar Date: Wednesday, 2/15 at 12pm CT 

Positive applications of ChatGPT for Education: Introducing “Teach with GPT”

The rise of ChatGPT and other AI-writing technologies has certainly caused quite a stir in education. The landscape is changing, but we’re hoping to make that change a positive one.

There is a large need for tools that will help instructors use ChatGPT as a superpower. Beyond that, we know that students will be using generative AI tools now and later on in their careers. They must be taught how to use them.

Packback is excited to announce Teach with GPT, our new and public suite of tools that allow educators to teach with GPT!

In this webinar, Packback CTO, Craig Booth, and Packback COO, Kelsey Behringer, will discuss the creation of Teach with GPT, the tools included, and what other amazing applications they expect for generative AI in the coming months and years for students and educators alike. By attending this webinar, you’ll get the first ever live demonstration of everything Teach with GPT has to offer.

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Kelsey Behringer

Packback Chief Operating Officer

Kelsey is a former high school educator who has spent the past four years working directly with Packback professors to adopt and improve the platform.




Craig Booth

Packback Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Craig Booth is a PHD astrophysicist with experience in large-scale generative AI models and natural language processing and generation.