Webinar Date: Thursday, 4/6 at 11AM CT/12pm ET

"Empowering Student Voices: Unleashing Creativity and Amplifying Student Potential with Packback’s AI Tools"

Join us for a fascinating webinar that delves into the combined power of Packback’s Questions and Deep Dives tools. Hear from experienced professors who have successfully integrated these tools to nurture student writing, communication, and critical thinking skills. Discover how an inquiry-based approach, coupled with AI-driven coaching, can create a well-rounded learning environment that can elevate the student experience and help students excel. 

Former High School Chemistry Teacher & Packback COO, Kelsey Behringer, will be joined by Panelists Dr. Amy Crews, Chair and Associate Professor at University of North Alabama, and Dr. Kati Stoddard, Instructional Associate Professor at Texas A&M University. 

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Kelsey Behringer

Chief Operating Officer





Dr. Kati Stoddard

Instructional Associate Professor

Texas A&M University 





Dr. Amy Crews

Chair and Associate Professor

University of North Alabama