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How to Create a “ChatGPT-Proof” Assignment

Do you have writing assignments you’re looking to modify for the fall in reaction to misuse of generative AI?

Do you want to understand how and why your students may use generative AI like ChatGPT to aid in their writing process?

Do you want to become more familiar with how to create authentic assessments?

"Yes" to any of the above? Please fill out the form to access the first workshop in the joint series by Packback and The League of Innovation for Community College, titled "Implementation after Artificial Intelligence".

Before accessing this session, please make sure you come prepared with these two things!

  1. A ChatGPT Account - sign up here
  2. Come Prepared:  Come with one writing prompt as well as the rubric for that prompt. This can be an essay, case study, research paper, reflection, journal… really any writing assignment that you feel needs “fortification” against misuse of generative AI

This session includes guided activities that require you to use GPT directly, explore the strengths and weaknesses of the chatbot as it relates to your discipline specifically, and lastly learn how to create assignments that are less susceptible to inappropriate use of generative AI.

Access Workshop Recording and Slides